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Of course, this means that the ribbon was chest-level on the tallest girl, putting it high enough that some of the contestants would have run right under it It works. Not surprising, as it was developed by the folks behind Airplane! Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann plays has equal shares of this and Rule of Cool as the laws of the universe, instead of the regular, boring laws of physics. Some times she is strong enough to defeat anything in one hit , destroy the moon by throwing a little rock at it, or travel around the world in a matter of seconds.

Wiig and Maguire play Cynthia and her adopted brother Devon. Classified adds provide a useful function in society — they let people buy and sell things, and they also serve the vital role of reminding us just what kind of weirdos are out there. Or watch Airplane! The Genetic Opera. Online presence[ edit ] Unlike other viral video sites, members of Funny or Die are encouraged to vote on videos which they view, with the options of "Funny" or "Die".